Little Big Speakers is an academy of inspirational speakers made up of sick and disabled kids. The aim is to give motivational speeches to inspire large corporate companies around the country, get paid well for them, and in this way raise money for Stichting Opkikker, which is one of the most sympathetic foundations we have in NL. Vamos! 

This project was awarded a silver Lamp´╗┐ at the 2019 ADCN Awards.

Agency: Achtung!
Creatives: Florian Hollander & Vincent Versluis
DOP: Aziz al-Dilaimi
Edit: Martin Heijgelaar & Pim van der Pas @ MRTN
Music: Terilekst

Sounddesign: Feike de Wit @ Soundcircus
VFX & Grade: The Compound


Selected Works

ReelProject type


CAA x Barry Haycommercial


Chicks Love Dikscommercial

Hero B'tweencommercial


Lak. Door Tijn.commercial


Mazda x Beardymancommercial

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