Bram has liked making people laugh since elementary school. Learning him early that what you say matters, but when and how you say it can matter even more. It is unknown if he ever really grew up. Although 10 years of honing his craft has made him into a serious comedy director.

He believes a film should excite. Because if nobody notices it, what’s the point? Bram works from a strong imagination to create playful and surprising films, set in detailed worlds with memorable characters.

He loves to create eyebrow raising scenes with visual effects or clever decoupage and smart camerawork.  He has developed a keen sense for art direction, casting and cinematography that makes his films stand out from the crowd.  He is a perfectionist and an absolute geek of an editor that won’t rest before every frame sits right where it belongs.

Bram holds a firm belief that in these hectic times, humor is a basic necessity.

If you want to talk about an exciting project, or just have coffee or a game of chess, give him a ring.