Family owned car rental company Diks asked us to a commercial for them.


We proposed a pun on their family name (naturally). They were good sports, and so owner Ronald Diks, and his two sons Robin and Niels now star in their own shameless commercial. It went viral big time, became a Dumpert #1 and got coverage in numerous newspapers, blogs and TV shows.


It was fun to see that GeenStijl, the biggest blog in NL, let go of their usual cynic demeanor and praised the film in an article on their front page.

” Een complete over-the-top reclame met flauwe grappen en lekkere sopmeisjes. Plus natuurlijk de slogan die de komende weken de popcultuur gaat veroveren: Chicks love Diks. Applaus. Daar kan geen copywriter van PvdA-campagnefilmpjes aan tippen, zeggen wij. “



Concept: Elian Wils & Bram Koopman

Director & edit: Bram Koopman

The year after I did this other commercial for them, this time in a quirky 80’s sitcom setting.