, the biggest online bookshop in NL, now also sells 2nd hand college textbooks, potentially saving uni students a lot of money. They wanted to make this fact known through a viral video in this target group.We decided to create a fictitious ‘ontgroening’ (hazing) scandal, through what seamed leaked footage from a real pledge.


As the case video below explains, it went down exemplary, gathering more than 3.000.000 views in a couple of days, getting coverage from several media outlets that all bought the hoax, including the biggest newspapers and TV shows in NL (a.o. Telegraaf & EenVandaag). It was a hot topic in the student society in the summer of 2016. Fun.


Agency: MEC Global / Wavemaker
Creatives: Martin Stuk, Elian Wils, Bram Koopman
Director: Bram Koopman